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Welcome to Dahlawi Group

Dahlawi Group embodies excellence across manpower solutions, training, tourism, construction, and international trade. Comprising five specialized companies, we cater to diverse global needs with a commitment to quality and innovation.

Our Companies

Dahlawi Manpower Recruiting: Providing skilled workforce solutions across industries like construction and oil & gas.
Najran Technical Trade Test and Training Center: Enhancing workforce skills through rigorous training and testing programs.
Dahlawi Travels and Tours: Offering customized travel experiences worldwide, including holiday packages and visa services.
Duniya Builders: Renowned for sustainable and innovative construction solutions for residential and commercial projects.
Fair Business: Facilitating seamless import and export operations, promoting international trade with integrity.

Activities to Follow :

Human Resource Training and development Research for Job Category Trade testing and interviewing database management survey Recruiting and Processing

Our Depth of knowledge and expiration of social services for human resources and development are designed to provide most productive workforce within your budget and time frame. Since Dahlawi manpower recruiting established in this period dahlawi man power recruiting has deployed more than 15,000 human resources personnel in different categories specially in kingdom of Saudi Arabia UAE other Gulf Countries, our team-base operations have drawn on the enthusiastic professionals at all levels to development and implement the most efficient and effective operating procedures.

1. General Labor Sourcing:

We have more than 5,000 candidates of different categories with all details available at any time in our data bank, based on the job description and specification, we will make a concrete investigation through our data base management system. if such category candidates are not available in our data bank, we will release an advertisement in the newspapers.

We can recruit the following categories of staffs & workers from Pakistan. Such as:-

2. Catering services:

The personnel of this category such as :- Chef, executive Chef, Cook Western, Cook Arabic cook villa, Cook TCN, Dietitian cook diet, Asser. Cook, Cook Salad, Helper Bakery Men Chef Pastry Butcher.

3. Construction & Maintenance Services:

The personnel of the category such as :Graduate Engineer, Diploma Engineer Draftsman, Heavy Duty Driver, Light Duty Driver, Plumber, Mason ,Painter, carpenter, welder, Tile Fixer, Refrigerator Technician , A/C Technician, Auto Mechanic, Auto Electrician ETC.

4. Administrative & Other Services:

The personnel of this category such as :-

Accountant, clerk, secretary ,Translator, system Administrator ,Programmer, Computer operator, Computer Technician, Office boy, Cleaner ,etc.

5. Medical Services:

The Personnel of this category such as :-

General Physician, Consultant, Dentist, Graduate Nurse, Laboratory Technician etc.

6. Visit Of Client Representatives:

Representatives From Your Organization are always most welcomed To Visit Our Organization to select the workers.

We will provide transportation and 24-hour secretarial services we have office in Karachi, Lahore & Rawalpindi..

7. Terms And Condition:

Contract period: As Per Saudi Labor Law and your company Policy Food Accommodation .insurance should be fee Minimum Contract Two Years.

Regarding visa Processing Cost, will be negotiable, we will provide one way air ticket and all expenses will bear from Pakistan. We will take undertaking from all workers parents or guardian to ensure that the employee will not run way from company till finish the contract.

After receiving the contract, we arrange flight maximum within two weeks’ time. Regarding flight detail of workers we inform to the company minimum before 48 hours in order to manage the airport pickup by Employer.