Fair Business International

Fair Business International

Fair Business International:

We are subsidiary of our respective Ms. Dahlawi Groups & having vast Experience in Different Disciplines,Fair Business International is a dynamic outfit, formed by two business professionals and started its business. We have already expanded our team and services to achieve new heights, standards and goals.

We work to satisfy our customers to their demands by putting our best strength and resources.

We endeavor to provide cost efficient procurement on a larger scale, straight from the source solutions and services in the most demanding environments where lead times and supply locations are challenging.


Basic Policies:

  1. Expansion of the earnings base and strategic moves to the future by maximizing our integrated strength
  2. Utilizing management resources to the fullest extent by advancing the business Portfolio strategy:
  3. Well define strategies and objectives of each business line
  4. Shifting management resources (human resources and risk adjusted assets) to more profitable or more potential business lines.


Exploring and developing various business by maximizing our “integrated corporate strength?

Adding diversified values by realizing strategic and organic integration of our “business foundation? and functional power?

  1. Promote strategic alliance
  2. Multiple business partners
  3. Promoting logistics related business


We drew up the SC Values in order to ensure that all executives and employees share the values contained in the Corporate Mission Statement, express these principles in nine concrete items.


1. Integrity and Sound Management:

To comply with laws and regulations, while maintaining the highest ethical Standards.


2. Integrated Corporate Strength:

To create no boundaries within the organization; always to act with a company-wide perspective.


3. Professionalism:

To achieve and maintain high levels of expertise and skills.


4. Vision:

To create a clear vision of the future, and to communicate to share it within the organization.


5. Change and Innovation:

To accept and integrate diversity in values and behavior, and to embrace change as an opportunity for action.


6. Enthusiasm:

To act with enthusiasm and confidence, and to motivate to others through such action.


7. Speed:

To make quick decisions and act promptly.


8. Human Development:

To fully support the development of others' potential.


9. Commitment:

To act responsibly and with initiative to achieve organizational objectives.