We have our two Travel Agencies are as follows

A) Dahlawi Travels & Tours Pvt. ltd. (IATA Approve and Agencies) based in Karachi

B) Dahlawi Aviation based in Rawalpendi

Dahlawi Travel is the leading Karachi based travel agency & Dahlawi Aviation based in Rawalpindi, a Wide array of travel agencies agencies to the individual tourist, families & group. Our Travels are recognized by the Government of Pakistan and has been Focused on promoting tourism in all around the world since last over the years. This Portal Offers the widest rang of destinations across the global.


  • Hajj & Umrah Services
  • Customized holidays : 250 +Customized itineraries across all international tourist Destinations.

Hotels In Pakistan

  • Instant Online Reservations across 4000 + hotels in Pakistan (worldwide).
  • Air Ticketing & Visa Services

Ticketing for all Domestic and international Sectors along with visa services corporate Travel solution

Travel Services arranged for meetings, incentives, conference and entertainment across all domestic and international destination.