Chiller Technician

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  • Responsible for preventative maintenance, site surveys, modifications, and repairs to air cooled and centrifugal chillers.
  • Perform maintenance/service at customer locations on air-cooled and centrifugal chillers.
  • Interpret mechanical drawings, plans, and sequence of operations.
  • Operate hand tools, power tools, gauges and measuring equipment to perform service to the equipment and/or mechanical system.
  • Determine parts for field repairs.

Accounting Assistant

Job Category
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Payroll clerks are responsible for issuing paychecks to employees by calculating pay and deductions. They maintain payroll information, resolve payroll discrepancies, update changes in insurance coverage and exemptions, and keep employee information confidential.

A typical day in the life of a payroll clerk might include:

Filling Machine Operator

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  • Observe machine operations to ensure quality and conformity of filled or packaged products to standards.
  • Adjust machine components and machine tension and pressure according to size or processing angle of product.
  • Tend or operate machine that packages product.
  • Remove finished packaged items from machine and separate rejected items.
  • Regulate machine flow, speed, or temperature.
  • Stop or reset machines when malfunctions occur, clear machine jams, and report malfunctions to a supervisor.


Job Category
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A controller oversees financial report production and manages various financial departments for an organization.

A typical day in the life of a controller might include:

  • Monitoring the preparation of balance sheets, income statements, expense analyses, and other financial statements
  • Producing special financial reports for government agencies
  • Managing the activities of budgeting, accounting, and auditing departments.

Bank Teller

Job Category
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Bank tellers accurately and efficiently process customer transactions at bank branches. They are the key point of face-to-face contact for bank customers.

An ordinary day for a bank teller might include the following:

  • Depositing money and checks in customer accounts
  • Collecting loan repayments from customers with mortgages and personal loans
  • Answering customer enquiries about transactions, accounts, and bank products and services.


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